Prifile of an Sir M V Teacher Every Teacher Shall...

  • Be Committed to achieve the goals and objectives of the Sir MV School
  • Be Punctual in attendance and in respect of their work Bio Metric is compulsory& there will be a penalty of Rs50 per day for coming late
  • All the teachers will sign the attendance regester before the commencement of the assembly
  • Attend staff meeting convened by the Head Mistress/principal and take active part in all the Extra curricular activities.
  • Maintain a high standard of discipline in the class and train the Students in honesty good manners polite speech and smart department
  • Be kind and polite in your dealings with students and parents in the enforcement of discipline never make pumiliating remarks and never have recourse to corporal punishment.
  • Train children to move about in an orderly manner and observe strict silence especially at assemblies and gatherings.
  • Be bound to follow the rules and regulations related to the way of teaching setting question papers ,correcting note books home work and examination papers, he/she will not ask any help from the students to correct books or exam papers.
  • The Teacher is to adequately prepare each days for insprection as required.
  • Extra classes to be given and coaching to be conducted to improve the standard of the backward students.
  • Substitute a teacher on leave or take the class of an absent colleague of allotted by the Head of the Institution.
  • A Teacher Should not entertain any conversation during the class hours either with parents or with outsiders
  • Teachers shall not make use of people or students for their personal errands.
  • Use of mobile phones is strictly for bidden in the school premises and more so when a teacher is engaged with her classes

Code of Conduct

  • All Teachers are expected to be Exemplary in their public and private life their loyality,sence of dedication and integrity of character at all time should be an inspriration to the children/youth committed to their care.

No teachers Shall

  • Knowingly or willingly neglet his/her duties.
  • Discruminated Againt any student on the groud of caste.creed language,sex,place of origin, social or Culture background or any of them.
  • Indulge in or Encourage any form of mal practice connected with examination or other school Employment while in service.
  • In class ,Discuss irrelevent topics or Subjects with the students or criticize any decision of the authority or any other teacher in front of the students either inside or outside the Classroom
  • In all matters concerning the entire administration and general running of the school be Respected and her decision carried out.


  • Teaching staff is entitled to all holidays listed in the school calendar non teaching staff are entitled to gazette holidays and Sundays listed in the school calendar.
  • Leave means authorized absence from duty leave connot be claimed as a matter of right.
  • Casual leave may be given by the head up to a maximum of 10 days in a calendar year to the employees.
  • Casual leave may not be enjoyed ordinarily more than 2days at a time ,except,under special cercumstences.
  • The accodemic year will start may 22 of every year & its ends on 10th April.Every Teacher should work 9.30 am to 4.30pm in all working days.
  • There is a deduction of Rs100 everymonth in the Teachers salary it will be given afterwards when you are relieving the school
  • Every Teachers should give the continuation letter In the month of February for.
  • No fee consession for friends/Relatives.